Our federation consists of two vibrant, creative and supportive community primary schools situated approximately twelve miles apart.

Both schools are at the heart of their communities.

The Federation prides itself on providing a friendly, caring, family environment within which all children can flourish.

The aims of our Federation are to:

  • raise aspiration
  • develop strong communities
  • value the diversity of each individual school

Our intention is that all Nawton and Rosedale Abbey Federation children have SPIRIT:

Strong sense of community

Pride in all that they do,


Resilience and perseverance when facing challenges,

Inquisitive thinking,

Tolerance, kindness and respect to all others.

To enable all our children to enjoy their learning and to empower them to realise their potential, we offer:

  • exciting learning experiences
  • access to experienced, caring & committed staff
  • tailored, appropriate support and challenge

We believe that we work ‘better together’.

  • Staff work together– improving practice and developing partnerships;
  • Children work together– improving learning and building relationships;
  • Our budget is brought together– improving resources and best value; and
  • Leadership works together– improving opportunities and outcomes for children.
  • We are constantly challenging ourselves and each other through the networkswe have built between us, but also with other school communities.
  • We learn from each other’s strengths and supporteach other with areas for development.
  • We are constantly striving for excellence, securing high levels of achievement and providing outstanding opportunities for all our children.