Admission Arrangements

The Nawton and Rosedale Abbey CP Schools Federation follows the guidance set by North Yorkshire County Council, in respect to admissions of pupils into school.

The Governing Body have to consider the school Admission number annually.

At present this is set at 15 pupils.

The County Policy states:

Every parent has a duty to ensure that every child of compulsory school age receives full-time education appropriate to his/her age, ability and aptitude.

The Authority must make arrangements so that parents may express a preference for the school in which they wish their child to be educated. Wherever possible those preferences will be met, unless to do so “would prejudice the provision of efficient education or the efficient use of resources” (Education Act 1996).

Places will normally be provided for all those children who live in an area which serves that area. If parents prefer a school which is not in the normal school for the area in which they live, their preferences are considered after those of the normal area.

Where schools are over-subscribed (i.e. where the number of applications exceeds the number of places available), places will be allocated as follows:

  • First, pupils with Statements of Special Educational Need naming the school concerned.
  • Secondly, pupils considered by the Authority to have exceptional social or medical grounds for admission.
  • Third, the pupils living in the normal area of the school who express it as their first preference.
  • Fourth, to pupils living within the normal area of the school who have expressed a preference for that school, but whose first preference for a school placement elsewhere has not been met, and where placement at an alternative school would prejudice the provision of efficient education or the efficient use of resources.
  • Fifth, to pupils having brothers or sisters at the school in question at the beginning of the term in question.
  • Sixth, to pupils from outside the normal area of the school and having the nearest available walking route (this means a route along which a child accompanied as necessary, can walk with reasonable safety to school).

Note: In the case of out of area pupils, applications will be determined by referring the criteria 5 and 6 above in order of parental preferences stated. That is all first preferences will be considered first, then second preferences.

For school admissions information and access to an electronic application form, please use this link to visit the School Admissions page of the North Yorkshire County Council website.